About Los Caballos

Los Caballos is a creative studio that blends insightful design with cutting-edge technology. Established in Buenos Aires, Argentina, our studio embodies the spirit of Latin American culture, merging technology and design to create experimental visual identities and digital products. With a focus on intuition and strategy, we embrace the spontaneous style of the region, gaining recognition from prestigious media over the years.

Collaborating with top names in fashion, art, and the creative sector, we develop unique projects that leave a lasting impression. Our dynamic team works with clients worldwide, including fashion brands like Lacoste and Givenchy, artistic institutions like the Museum of Crypto Art in New York, and tech companies like Avalanche. Our list of collaborators also includes artists and production companies such as Bizarrap, Milo J, Landia, and Rei Pictures. Committed to delivering original results, we provide comprehensive guidance and strategic advice, emphasizing adaptability, diversity, and creativity in every project.


2023 → LAD Young talents Jury
2022 → Conferencia UADE
2021 → Conferencia UADE
2020 → Interview D&G Podcast
2018 → CMD Conference Buenos Aires 
2017 → Pixelations design conference
2016 → CMD. Centro Metropolitano de Diseño


Visual identity
Digital design
Digital development
Art Direction
Graphic design
Fashion design
Concept development
Campaign identity
Creative consultancy

Client Experience

Film & production companies
Cohn Duprat (Arg)
Elastic People (Miami)
Pantera (Arg)
Landia (Arg)
Mate House (Miami)
Rudo Co. (Arg)
Argentina Cine (Arg)
The Honey Mill (Sidney) 
The Movement (Arg)
Cave Letters (Madrid)
La America (Arg)
Leo Sujatovich (Arg)
Tronco (Arg)

Artists & directors
Bizarrap (Arg)
Milo J. (Arg)
Sam J. (NY)
Mariano Mellino (Arg)
Game Disease (Arg)
Frenetik Void (Arg)
Oxeegeno (Arg)
Dante Spinetta (Arg)
Hernan Corera (Arg)
Agoria (Fr)
Juan Ingaramo (Arg)
Leo Sujatovich (Arg)
Benito Cerati (Arg)

Art & Technology
Museum of Crypto Art (NY)
Zeroone (NY)
Avalanche (NY)
Kojii (NY)

New business

Looking to collaborate? We’ve streamlined our client onboarding process to ensure we grasp your needs thoroughly and deliver outstanding outcomes. Here’s what to anticipate:

Step 1 – Initial Consultation:
Share the key aspects of your project, such as your business particulars, project scope, timeline, and budget, by emailing us at contact@loscaballos.xyz Taking this step kickstarts our journey together. We’ll promptly evaluate if we’re a good match and reach out to you.

Step 2 – Discussion:
Our first conversations are relaxed chats where we gauge compatibility. We’ll delve into your background, overarching business objectives, brand vision, and project timeline. During this call, we’ll also outline our process and what you can expect from us.

Step 3: Proposal Presentation:
Following our initial discussion, we’ll assess your project and craft a tailored proposal. Once we send it your way, we’ll be available to address any queries or adjustments you may have. The proposal delineates our commitment to your project and offers an estimated cost for our services.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we’re thrilled to embark on the exhilarating journey of bringing your project to fruition. This is where ideas flourish, creativity thrives, and we collaborate closely to manifest your vision into reality.

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