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Digital product for Frenetik Void—this website transcends a mere digital presence to embody a post-human exploration of the digital realm. Immersed in a world populated by romantic post-humans and enigmatic creatures within inhospitable landscapes, FV’s work offers a glimpse into a unique vision of a distant future. As an early adopter of crypto art, FV has left an indelible mark on the art world, participating in prestigious exhibitions such as “The Wrong Digital Art Environment,” “Iconic Biennale,” “Museo della Permanente,” and “Art Basel Miami.” Since 2019, FV has been a trailblazer in the crypto art community, showcasing artworks across various platforms including, @niftygateway, @makersplaceco, and Notably, in 2019, Frenetik Void founded @cryptoarg_, the first Crypto Art community in Argentina and one of the largest worldwide.

For this project, our aim was to evoke the mystique of websites past. The experience is deliberately crafted to require time, with a “user-unfriendly” navigation we affectionately refer to as “the blanket.” It oscillates between Yin and Yang moods, offering a dichotomy of experiences. Additionally, it features a comprehensive artwork gallery and exclusive access for collectors.

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