Branding & digital product

Branding and digital product for Kojii, an AI-powered generative art platform.

Kojii, an online AI-driven platform for artistic experiences on Avalanche & Ethereum, aims to establish an accessible AI toolbox on the internet, prioritizing ownership and simplicity for personal creativity. Through Kojii, a new era of human-guided AI creativity emerges, fostering a dialogue between artists and collectors through generative models. Artists collaborate with Kojii to develop models reflecting their styles, alongside parameters defining output boundaries. Collectors utilize credits to engage with these models, generating unique artworks, subsequently immortalized as NFTs on AVAX or ETH.

This identity exploration led us to develop not only a visual identity but also a unique character called Kojii, which will serve as a guide on the upcoming digital product. The character is composed of gaussian noise, symbolizing its profound significance in the AI image creation process. Everything exists within a digital realm that mirrors the intricate workings of AI’s image generation algorithms. “At the beginning, there was only noise.”

We’re thrilled to have collaborated with the incredibly @rudo.co team in bringing this character to life.

Clients: @galleryofcryptoart @avalabsofficial

Goca team: Shivani Mitra
Copywriting: @xtine3000
Branding: Los Caballos
Character design and animation: Rudo @ailinestrella @prr__.v._
Type in use: Mabry by @colophonfoundry
Mockups: @bendito.mockup @mockup.maison

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